Zixa Strong is a natural, high-performance, fast-acting pain relief range of products harnessing FlashMicelle® Technology. Zixa Strong is available in 3 topical formulations– Gel, Spray and Roll-On.

Zixa Strong is a topical natural dual action analgesic – is a pain relieving product such as a gel, cream, roll on, patch or spray, that is applied directly to the painful part of the body. This is different to oral NSAIDs and pain-killers which are taken orally and dissolve to release their ingredients into the bloodstream. Topical analgesics such as gels are well recognized as an effective alternative to oral pain-killers.

Zixa Strong Fast-Acting Gel, Spray and Roll On are suitable for adults, the elderly and children over the age of 12. Please read the enclosed leaflet for information about warnings and precautions before use.

As with all pain relieving products, consult your doctor or pharmacist before using Zixa Strong during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Do not use Zixa Strong on broken, infected or inflamed skin.

No, Zixa Strong products harness unique oil-in-water FlashMicelle® technology ensuring they are non-messy and non-greasy gel which are easy to apply.

Inflammation is the process in response to tissue inury, infection or damage

Symptoms of acute inflammation include pain, swelling, heat, redness or function loss.

Applying Zixa Strong Fast Acting Pain Relief Gel, Spray or Roll On can provide targeted, cooling, soothing pain and inflammation relief to the affected area. Do not use more often than every 4 hours. If symptoms persist consult your doctor or pharmacist

Topical pain relief products are applied externally to the skin that provide a safe and effective alternative to oral analgesics.

Some people are concerned about taking pain pills and high-performing topical products can offer an alternative without any side effects. GPs and Physiotherapists may recommend topical analgesics as first line treatment for muscular aches, pain and injuries. Not all topical analgesics are the same – some can offer additional benefits, such as dual action in form of hot and cold therapy, which assist with healing and recovery.

  • Topical products are associated with fewer gastric side effects than oral pain relief.
  • Creams, gels, roll-on and sprays can provide alternative remedies for pain relief to customers who cannot take oral pain relief.
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